100% black and mahogany leather saddle with flexible polyethylene tree and wooden pommel and cantle. Features a 1/2" neoprene rubber bottom layer of saddle skirt for shock absorbency. Lightweight but with traditional look and feel. Well made and built to last. Secure D-rings for saddle bags, crupper, and breast collar. In-skirt rigging allows for placement of rear cinch or cross fire rigging if desired. Good working condition. 17" seat.

Fits a wide range of horses including standard and foundation style Quarter Horses, gaited breeds and even mules. Shown in pictures on a 14.2H Kentucky Mountain Horse Includes mohair cinch, rear cinch, and matching headstall with rawhide buttons. Shipping available.

Equipped with Cair cushion system. Wide tree, 16.5" seat. Includes stirrup irons, stirrup leathers, girth, and saddle pads.

Nelson Kennels

English Gaited Horse Saddle Set $200

Circle Y Flex Lite Park and Trail Western Saddle and Bridle Set $1200

Imus 4-beat Gaited horse endurance saddle $800


Lightweight saddle that fits narrow build/high withered horses. Custom bucking rolls add rider security.

Imus Gaited horse western trail saddle $1000


16" seat, heavy duty black leather. Only lightly used, no scuffs in the leather and sheepskin still has great padding to it.



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Stubben (Switzerland made) dressage saddle $350


Well made 100% quality leather, this saddle is in excellent working condition only showing normal signs of aging. This is a lightweight saddle that keeps the rider in close contact with their mount. Medium sized tree with a 17" seat. Includes two sets of dressage pads and a girth.

2006 Wintec Pro dressage synthetic/suede saddle $350 


Solid tree, 100% black leather saddle with deep cushioned seat and external knee blocks. Leather wrapped stirrup irons. Very comfortable ride and properly balanced seat that puts the rider in a correct posture. 15" seat. Securely mounted D-rings for packing saddle bags and breast collar. Good working condition. No makers mark.

Comes complete with rubber padded cinch and Eskadron brand cotton saddle pad. Perfect fit for Gaited horses or ponies. Shown in pictures on a 14.2H Kentucky Mountain Horse. Shipping available. 

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Like new Tucker brand Gaited horse saddle $1000


Black leather, copper hardware for breast collar and rear cinch. Deep padded seat for comfortable ride. Includes girth and saddle cover, a ready-to-ride package.

Lightly used, good working condition. Brand name bit that is traditionally used for horses that lean on the bit or run through the bit. Spoons work to apply pressure on the jaw, allowing for very light cues in the mouth. Attach headstall to smaller rings and reins to larger rings. Includes adjustable leather curb strap. Standard 5" mouthpiece. Shipping available.

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