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Dogs in training are kept fit with daily exercise including but not limited to on-leash walks and off-leash runs in our on-site training park, walking and running on our on-site dog hot-walker, and roading by quad and horseback both on and off-site. 

The dogs included in our field trial string will spend summers at home with the owners for vacation, and by August return to Nelson Kennels to be "legged up" in preparation for field trial season starting in September and ending by June. Dogs will travel with us in our trailer, spending 24/7 living with us, which develops a bond and trust that equates to an competitive edge in the field. 

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Our training kennels feature spacious individual housing for each dog. Each kennel includes an indoor box with sleeping pad, and an outdoor run. The outdoor runs are covered with shade cloth and have an automatically timed mister that is turned on in during hot wether. This keeps the cement cool and for dogs who enjoy a bath will cool them off as well. Every dog has access to cool, clean water 24/7 with a lik-it, but for dogs who have not yet learned how to use the lik-it we also provide water in a dish. Dogs are fed high-protein and high quality Nutrena Loyall dog food daily, and after a good training session dogs are rewarded with a treat such as chicken jerky or a chew bone. Any special medications or dietary restrictions can be followed. 

Our facilities are located on 5-acres of rural land, which includes a fully fenced and irrigated dog park complete with objectives and tree-lines. We also routinely train at off-site locations such as the surrounding hills which encompasses over 5000 acres. 


We offer year round dog training, complete from puppyhood to a finished dog. We specialize in performance dogs for field trials and hunt tests, as well as the working hunting dog. Our training focuses on obedience, being steady for wing and shot, mastering a strong run, and perfoming with intensity. We train our dogs to be biddable in all aspects of hunting, including handling, style, pointing, and retrieve. We recommend that you initially board your dog with us to receive intensive, daily training to achieve the fastest results. Then return for an hourly training lessons to maintain progress. During training lessons we will also instruct you how to handle and continue training your dog on your own. 



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We raise and house several types of birds on our property to use for training. This includes homing pigeons, quail, chukar, pheasant and chickens. Many of the birds have been trained to return to their home coop, so that we can use them several times when training a dog to steady on a blank shot. The homing pigeons are used when traveling to off-site locations, so that the pigeons will return home once flushed. This efficiency in bird use equals passed on savings to you!

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